Beer & Wine Packages

Beer-Your Choice of Three:

Bud Lite - Michelob Ultra -Budweiser- Miller Lite-

House Wine- Your Choice of Three:

Merlot - White Zinfandel – Chardonnay Cabernet - Pinot Grigio- Moscato

$13.50 per Guest for 4 Hours.

Import Beer & Wine Package

Beer- Your Choice of Three:

Corona-Heineken-Stella-Yuengling-or any other domestic beer.

$14.50 Per Guest For 4 Hour Event.

All Packages Include LED Glow Bar  Which Can Be Customize For an additional Fee Bartender (1 per 100 guest), Ice, Plastic Cups, Beverage Napkins,& Stirrers

$100 Per Bartender 7% Tax addition



Michelob Ultra

Michelob ULTRA is the superior light beer with no artificial colors or flavors. With just 2.6 carbs and 95 calories, you can enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Michelob ULTRA without compromising your active lifestyle.